Kay Kay Smith

Kay Kay Smith is a graduate of Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage, and was recognized as the most outstanding student in 2006. Kay Kay is nationally certified in Therapeutic massage and bodywork, and has refined her technique in one of the area’s premier spas for the last eight years. Kay Kay’s massage specialties include, but are not limited to, Relaxation, Pregnancy, Hot Stone and Deep Tissue. She has received training in managing chronic pain, Aromatherapy, Basic Lymphatic Drainage and Acupressure for stress relief. For Kay Kay, the most important aspect of massage is listening to and carefully consulting her clients to create a unique massage experience that accommodates their specific needs.


Lora Tuck

Originally from Knoxville, Lora graduated from the Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage as their most outstanding student in 2008. Five of her six years as a therapist have been spent at one of Knoxville’s top spas. She is certified in Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Sports Massage, Pregnancy, Accupressure and Reflexology, among others. By specializing in Sports Massage and Therapeutic Massage, Lora focuses on restoring balance between the mind and body systems.


Kelly Maire

Kelly Marie graduated from the Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage and has been a practicing Massage Therapist since March of 2005. She has attained credentials and certifications in the fields of Trigger Point Therapy, Healing Touch, Reflexology, Integrative Reiki and the effects of Stress and the Body/Mind connection.  With this knowledge in mind, Kelly Marie is able give you a truly relaxing experience as well as customize your massage to your specific needs.

“In all my years of being a massage therapist I’ve come to realize that a client books a massage looking for one of two things. Either results or a relaxing experience. I try to give them both.
I like to use a combination of deep muscle and tension release techniques along with relaxation and stress-relieving strokes, giving my client the best of both worlds. I like to leave my client with the lasting impression of relaxation and a caring, healing touch. I feel we can never have enough of that in our lives”. ~Kelly Marie, LMT

Specialties: Swedish (relaxation), Reflexology, Prenatal, Relaxing Hot Stone, and Integrative Reiki Massage. Kelly Marie is always looking to improve her practice and is currently in the process of attaining certifications in other areas of massage and bodywork.



Ellie Royce

Ellie is a 2013 graduate of Arbor College in Knoxville Tennessee, where she earned a Certificate of Clinical Massage Therapy. While studying at Arbor College, Ellie discovered her passion for understanding the musculoskeletal system. Her skills range from light relaxation to deep therapeutic massage, as well as sports massage and myofascial work. Her goal as a massage therapist is to help her clients achieve improved wellness by decreasing muscle pain and tension, and providing relaxation. She is also dedicated to educating the public on the benefits of massage therapy. 


Jolene Maurino

Jolene is a graduate of Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage. She is certified in deep tissue and classic relaxation along with, but not limited to, trigger point therapy, aromatherapy and hot stone massage. Her study in physical therapy assistance, along with a background in Lyengar yoga, has given her a unique compassionate approach to her clients' needs. Her diverse skill set tailors every treatment to each individual need with the goal of facilitating symptom relief, enhanced range of motion and relaxation.


Naomi Govinder

Naomi Govinder is a 2007 graduate of Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage. Licensed in that year, Naomi has since been honing her skills in the modalities of Swedish/Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy Massage, and Reflexology. Naomi has a deep passion for the Massage practice and for the clients she has been helping over the years. "It's my passion and desire to help people that is my contribution. I love to help people. My want and need to continue learning and growing in my passion and profession will keep me striving to be my best self and be my best self for my clients. It is my goal to help heal each client, and educate them on how to help heal themselves. And when I know someone feels better after they've had a massage, I can say I helped them feel that way."


Owen Kniep

Owen graduated from Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage in March of 2016. After getting a B.S. in Animal Biology, he decided to switch his path to massage where he felt he could better serve and connect to those around him and his passion for massage is felt by his clients. He specializes in a blend of relaxation and deep tissue massage, looking to bring a balance to the body and the mind of his clients. He also has some training in hot stone, myofascial, trigger point, and sport massage. Above all, Owen cares about bringing joy and peace into the lives of those he comes in contact with. I love the peaceful work environment that massage provides and especially bringing relief into the lives of my clients" "All bodies are different and the massage must adapt to the needs of the client"


Patricia Cable

Patricia has been licensed since 2005 after graduating from the Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage in Knoxville. She is trained in Swedish, pregnancy massage, hot stone massage, therapeutic/deep tissue massage as well as acupressure for stress relief. She most enjoys mixing relaxation along with therapeutic bodywork. “Massage allows me to help a client find relief from pain, tension and stress that they may not otherwise have been able to achieve.” 


Michele King

Ashley Michele is a 2016 graduate of Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage.  She is certified in Swedish (relaxation), Deep Tissue, Accupressure, Stretching, Hot Stone and Aromatherapy massage. Her style is very intuitive, with a combination of relaxation massage to help ease tension mixed with therapeutic bodywork and stretching for deep muscle relief.  Her passion is helping people and encouraging them to embrace self-care. Her mission as a Licensed Massage Therapist is to spread the love for natural healing, to help restore the mind, renew the body, and revive the soul, through the healing therapeutic touch of massage.


Ashley Gentry

Ashley graduated from Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage in March 2016. She specializes in Swedish massage, prenatal ,deep tissue and hot stone massage.

“ I had felt drawn to this path for a couple of years before I made the decision to pursue it. I feel that helping others has always been my calling and it was not until I truly became knowledgeable of the human body and how it operates that I then learned just how much I can help others. The human body is a remarkable machine that requires constant upkeep, filled with a shared energy that us humans all experience. Being a therapist, I have the wonderful opportunity to assist others in the upkeep of the vehicles that carry them as well as to experience the energy shared among the entire human species through touch. To me that is so fulfilling.”


Desirae Rabka

Desirae Rabka attended massage school in Las Vegas, NV. and has been practicing massage therapy for 12 yrs.  Desirae is trained in modalities such as deep tissue, trigger point, hot stone, and prenatal. Additionally she has trained in Scottsdale, Az to become a Reiki Master. “I ultimately love providing a customized massage based on each individual client needs.”  “I've always known I wanted to genuinely help others which led me down the healing path of massage therapy.” After years out west I decided to come back home to East Tennessee because there's no place quite like home. I truly look forward to providing a healing touch to many amazing folks as possible.


Ellery Stewart

Ellery is a graduate from Arbor College and received the Winton C. Bolden Award for Clinical Excellence. Having training in Swedish/relaxation, deep tissue, reiki, and reflexology, her style is a combination that embraces her clients and their needs. Ellery has a passion for making the human mind, body and spirit renew and regenerate using the science of holistic healing. From a young girl Ellery knew she was meant to help others, and after discovering massage therapy as a career she knew she finally found her outlet to do that. Ellery encompasses learning, listening, and loving the individual needs of each and every client.

My happiness comes from the happiness and healing that I bring to others.


Jenny Kelly

Jenny Kelley graduated from Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage and has been practicing massage therapy since 2014. Recognised as Knoxville's best massage therapist by Knoxville News Sentinel in 2015, Jenny's passion is to take a therapeutic style aproach with her clients to help provide pain relief and relaxation. Jenny has received training in deep tissue, trigger point therapy, hot stone, pregnancy, migraine relief, relaxation and swe-thai massage. "I believe that an open line of communication and understanding is key to helping to provide the best massage experience possible.”


Kayla Russo

Originally from Upstate NY, Kayla moved to Knoxville in 2015 to pursue massage therapy as a healing art. Her specialty is deep tissue massage, addressing some of the innermost muscles that can cause chronic pain. Kayla loves to help athletes prep for events, and with aftercare to help the body preform and it’s best. This year In 2018 she received her A shiatsu certification from North Carolina to further help the needs of her clients.

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.”


Lindsay Gunther

Lindsay has been a licensed massage therapist since graduating from Associates of Integrative Health in 2011.  Her experience in both spa settings as well as chiropractic offices has provided Lindsay with a relaxing yet effective massage style.  Lindsay enjoys therapeutic work focusing on neck, shoulders and back but also provides Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone and prenatal massage.  She prides herself in customizing every massage to tend to each client’s individual needs.  She has a heart for helping her clients feel better and relax with her calming, but firm technique.


Jennifer Abercrombie

Jennifer has been a licensed, certified massage therapist in Tennessee since 2015. She is trained in various modalities of therapeutic massage and bodywork, including sports, hot stone, pre-natal, Swedish, and lymphatic. Jennifer’s passion is helping people find rejuvenation and renewal amidst the stresses of life and pains in the bodies that show up because of that stress.

” My bodywork style is holistic and nurturing. With over 3 years of experience my skills and intuitive touch help unwind the tension in your body while helping your mind and spirit reset into the re-set you need.” I’m currently pursuing a degree in Health Science so that I can continue to learn about the human body.


Meredith Larkin

After receiving her BS in Health & Wellness Promotion from UNC Asheville, Meredith graduated from the Asheville School of Massage & Yoga and has since fallen in love with the power of healing touch. Through her journey as a massage therapist, Meredith has developed the skills to perform an integrated massage that is both restorative and authentic. Her goal is to reach the client's goal. She blends modalities such as swedish, deep tissue, sports, myofascial, and trigger point release, as well as therapeutic flowing strokes, soft tissue manipulation, and kneading of larger muscle groups - all of which are intentional to increase blood flow, restore the central nervous system, and ultimately to empower the client to live their best life. Meredith is continually learning and developing her skills as a massage therapist.


Jazmon Roberts

Rock Blade Specialist

At a young age I have always known that I wanted to be a massage therapist. In elementary school we would hold fund raisers and while everyone else opted to sell candy I sold massages to my teachers. It's amazing the bond you form with someone based on a touch. After the birth of my son I realized it was time to put my passion to work. I believe that every aspect of a person: body, mind, and spirit can benefit from receiving massage therapy. My mission as a LMT is to treat every individual according to their specific needs. I am committed to my personal growth in continued education as a massage therapist to work with my clients to promote their participation in this electric and powerful journey of self healing. My hobbies include weight lifting, traveling, and cooking.


Linda Dima

Linda graduated in 2011 after completing the 800 hour Massage Therapy program at East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland OR. She specializes in customizing Massage Therapy for each individual client. The modalities Linda specializes in, Therapeutic Massage, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Pre Natal, Cranial Sacral and Ashiatsu.

" I chose to be a Massage Therapist as a way to challenge myself in a new profession that would also compliment my being a Certified Yoga Instructor. I wanted to incorporate more knowledge and better tools to decrease pain and tension in my clients so they could reach a state of well being through greater range of motion."


Jamie Wilson

My love of helping people and the connection I feel to help them heal and have a better quality of life began very young! As a child I would rub my grandpas & fathers feet constantly!! Would make them gift cards for birthdays and holidays! I have always been a " touchy -feely " person and realizing later that I am Empathetic & pick up on others energies. When empty nesting began to set upon my life I realized I now have the time to pursue Massage School! Graduating 2nd in my Class with Honors from Arbor College of Massage & also getting my Reiki 1&2 certification in the healing arts. My specialty is to deeply listen to each client and what they need. Deep Tissue, Trigger points, Swedish & Sports/ Theraputic Massage with Active stretches. Chakra balancing and Reiki with crystals is also a passion and specialty along with The Art of Tarot readings. "When you find your true calling in life ~ it feels like you are gently floating down a running stream" Everything comes the me which is needed!! Wife and mother of 2 grown boys & blended family with 4 step- children! Life is Good! 


Connor Hill

“After my first two years of college, I realized that I wanted to pursue a more specific field that would incorporate helping and healing others. I’ve always been empathetic person and had a desire to help others, and becoming a massage therapist has helped foster those skills for me even further. I listen to my clients needs and customize each massage to help them relax and heal. I am committed to specializing in different massage modalities to expand my knowledge of the field, because I truly have found my passion and calling as a therapist.”


Kersten Evans

Kersten graduated from Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage in 2012. Kersten specializes in therapeutic deep massage, classic relaxation, hot stone, prenatal, migraine technique, aromatherapy and acupressure. She loves to blend these talents into every massage to give the client a fully customized massage.


Ross Caruso

I graduated from East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland OR. I specialize in Deep tissue, Swedish, Pre-natal and Myo fascial release. I listen to the body to facilitate the healing process, and customize each persons massage to fit exactly what they need. I chose to become a massage therapist because of my love for the field and also to practice what I believe - that massage really has the power to restore and heal. One of my favorite things about being a massage therapist is that I’m able to create a safe, healing space that people can come to, and truly let go of their day and whatever may be troubling them in this fast paced stressful culture. I believe the skill and art of massage involves listening to my clients with my entire being, from the moment I meet them, to the end of the session, being fully present, moment by moment as to what state they are in. This is where healing begins.

Megan Mckinney


Megan graduated from Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage in the Fall of 2013 and was awarded Most Outstanding Student in her class. Megan’s love for the Spa industry has allowed her to work in many aspects of the field from lead therapist at a top Resort Spa to Traveling regionally and internationally as an Educator and Sales Representative. Megan is trained in Hot Stone, Deep Tissue/ Therapeutic, Swedish, Prenatal and Facial Lymphatic Drainage for Sinus Relief. Her own journey with chronic pain has allowed her to empathize with her clients and better understand the body’s distress signals. Her massage is tailored to the clients specific needs while also relaxing the body, mind and spirit.