The Longevity Team - hand-picked therapists with a passion for massage and a fan base to prove it.


Travis Jackson, owner

Knoxville News Sentinel 2017 best massage therapist 

CityView 2017 best of the best, best male massage therapist

CityView 2016 best of the best, best male massage therapist. 

CityView 2015 best of the best, best male massage therapist.

Metro Pulse best massage therapist - 9 years

CityView best massage therapist - 8 years

Voted East Tennessee's and Knoxville's best licensed massage therapist on 18 separate occasions, Travis has a recognizable passion for bodywork and people. He graduated from East Tennessee School of Massage, and set out to reeducate people about massage therapy. "I've done this with my clientele and now I'll focus that energy towards Longevity Massage Specialists," he says. With over 18 years of experience and service in Knoxville, Travis brings a distinguished passion and expertise to Longevity. His specialities include Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage, Neuromuscular, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Sports Massage, and Classic and Deep Tissue. 

“I believe every massage should be customized and catered to the clients needs. Stress and fatigue affect the body in many different ways, so one modality will never be enough to correct the issue.”

— Travis Jackson


Mary Jackson, owner


Kay Kay Smith

CityView best of the best 2017, best female massage therapist

CityView best of the best 2016, best female massage therapist

CityView best of the best 2015, best female massage therapist

CityView best massage therapist runner-up 1 year

Kay Kay Smith is a graduate of Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage, and was recognized as the most outstanding student in 2006. Kay Kay is nationally certified in Therapeutic massage and bodywork, and has refined her technique in one of the area’s premier spas for the last eight years. Kay Kay’s massage specialties include, but are not limited to, Relaxation, Pregnancy, Hot Stone and Deep Tissue. She has received training in managing chronic pain, Aromatherapy, Basic Lymphatic Drainage and Acupressure for stress relief. For Kay Kay, the most important aspect of massage is listening to and carefully consulting her clients to create a unique massage experience that accommodates their specific needs.


Lora Farmer  

CityView best of the best 2016, best female massage therapist (runner up)

CityView best of the best2015 , best female massage therapist (runner up)

CityView best massage therapist runner-up 3 years

Metro Pulse best massage therapist runner-up 2 years

Originally from Knoxville, Lora graduated from the Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage as their most outstanding student in 2008. Five of her six years as a therapist have been spent at one of Knoxville’s top spas. She is certified in Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Sports Massage, Pregnancy, Accupressure and Reflexology, among others. By specializing in Sports Massage and Therapeutic Massage, Lora focuses on restoring balance between the mind and body systems.

“I have a passion for my field and the benefits massage can bring to my clients — pain management, stress relief and relaxation are just a few.”

— Lora Farmer


Kelly Marie

CityView best of the best 2017, best female massage therapist (runner up)

Kelly Marie graduated from the Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage, and has been a practicing massage therapist since 2005. She is nationally certified and a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. While her background is in the spa industry, Kelly attained credentials and certifications in the fields of Trigger Point Therapy, Medical Massage, Healing Touch, Reflexology, and the effects of stress on the mind/body connection. Her specialities include Swedish, Pregnancy, Hot Stone and Deep Tissue massage. 

“I like to use a combination of relaxation and stress-relieving strokes (Swedish) along with deep muscle and tension release techniques (deep tissue), giving you the best of both worlds during your treatment.”

— Kelly Marie


Ellie Royce


Ellie is a 2013 graduate of Arbor College in Knoxville where she earned a Certificate of Clinical Massage Therapy. While studying at Arbor College, she discovered her passion for understanding the musculoskeletal system. Ellie's skills range from Light Relaxation to Deep Therapeutic massage, as well as Sports Massage and Myofascial work. Her goal as a massage therapist is to help her clients achieve improved wellness by decreasing muscle pain and tension, and providing relaxation. She is dedicated to educating the public on the benefits of massage therapy


Dawn Claflin

Dawn originally graduated the American Spirit Institute of Massage (Williamsburg, VA) in 2003, after spending 8 years in the medical field. During several years of specializing in the resort spa field, Dawn attended additional training in Reflexology, Medical Massage, Oncology Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Aromatherapy, Pregnancy/Infant Massage and Trigger Point techniques. She comes to Longevity with passion to treat each client with the individualized attention they deserve by listening to the client’s needs. Dawn focuses on a plan to promote the health and wellness of her clients, before and after the massage sessions. 

“You can feel better after one massage, but you can live better with regular sessions.” – Dawn Claflin

Jolene Maurino

Jolene is a graduate of Tennessee school of therapeutic massage in Knoxville Tennessee. She is certified in Swedish and deep tissue massage along with, but not limited to, training in trigger point therapy, aromatherapy and hot stone. Her study in physical therapy assistant, along with background in Iyengar yoga, has given her a uniquely compassionate approach to clients needs. Her diverse skill set tailors every treatment to each individual need with the goal of facilitating symptom relief,  enhance range of motion and relaxation.


Elena Caicedo


Elena Caicedo is a Knoxville native who graduated from Denver School of Massage Therapy in 2015 with a 4.0 GPA. While attending massage therapy school, she was employed as an anatomy tutor with a focus in kinesiology. She specializes in trigger point therapy (trigger points are the inflamed "knots" in muscle tissue or fascia). She enjoys providing hot stone massage, relaxing Swedish massage, and structural body work. 
"My goal is always to provide a customized massage for every individual who chooses to improve their life with the power of massage."
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Emmanuel Avraham (both locations)

Originally from NYC, Emmanuel graduated from New York College of Health Professions in April 2012, with an associates degree in Massage Therapy. He has spent 3 years working in physical therapy and chiropractic offices. Where he gained invaluable experience in medical massage therapy. As well as acupressure, trigger point therapy, and deep tissue massage therapy. In 2015 he opened up his own massage practice in Manhattan which was open until his move to Knoxville TN in July of 2016. His passion is to help people achieve a pain free life, so that they can live life to the fullest.

"My passion is to help people achieve a pain free life, so that they can live life to the fullest."

Owen Kniep

Owen graduated from Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage in March of 2016. After getting a B.S. in Animal Biology, he decided to switch his path to massage where he felt he could better serve and connect to those around him and his passion for massage is felt by his clients. He specializes in a blend of relaxation and deep tissue massage, looking to bring a balance to the body and the mind of his clients. He also has some training in hot stone, myofascial, trigger point, and sport massage. Above all, Owen cares about bringing joy and peace into the lives of those he comes in contact with

"I love the peaceful work environment that massage provides and especially bringing relief into the lives of my clients" 

Naomi Govinder

Naomi Govinder is a 2007 graduate of Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage. Licensed in that year, Naomi has since been honing her skills in the modalities of Swedish/Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy Massage, and Reflexology. Naomi has a deep passion for the Massage practice and for the clients she has been helping over the years. "It's my passion and desire to help people that is my contribution. I love to help people. My want and need to continue learning and growing in my passion and profession will keep me striving to be my best self and be my best self for my clients. It is my goal to help heal each client, and educate them on how to help heal themselves. And when I know someone feels better after they've had a massage, I can say I helped them feel that way."


Ellery Stewart (Bearden)

Ellery is a graduate from Arbor College and received the Winton C. Bolden Award for Clinical Excellence. Having training in Swedish/relaxation, deep tissue, reiki, and reflexology, her style is a combination that embraces the client and their needs. Ellery has a passion for making the human mind, body and spirit renew and regenerate using the science of holistic healing. From a young girl Ellery knew she was meant to help others, and after discovering massage therapy as a career she knew she finally found her outlet to do that. Ellery encompasses learning, listening, and loving the individual           needs of each and every client.

“My happiness comes from the happiness and healing that I bring to others."


Kayla Russo (Bearden)

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Jenny Kelly

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Jesse Wade

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Aimee Brooks

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DJ Gallup

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Jane Darden

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Jennifer Abercrombie

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Daniel Musser

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Courtney Fix

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Emily Hamilton

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Ashley Gentry

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Rebecca Hanley (Coordinator)

Kaitlinh Shelton (Coordinator)


Chelsea Parker (Coordinator)