We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.
— Jesse Owens

Mary Cates

Mary cates has been a runner for over 20 years but nearly a decade ago she started upping her distances gradually and now, she prefers 100 milers. That’s right. She’s a competitive ultra runner and she covers the distance on foot.

It takes a lot to race at that distance, including proper training, strength work and nutrition. But, another crucial part of her training and recovery is massage therapy here at Longevity. “Many people think massage is relaxing and I guess it can be, but for me, it can be a workout. Running that far can take a toll on my body and Travis and Lora know the things I need to get be back on the road.” Mary considers the body work she receives with us as a true piece of her training. “I can tell a huge difference if I’ve skipped a few sessions and it shows up when I’m out on the run.”

When Mary’s in peak training, she prefers to get a sports massage at Longevity every other week to help with recovery.

The most important thing in the world is family and love.
— John Wooden

Jeremy And Sara Hicks

This wonderful couple came to us a few years ago and it's been an instant friendship ever since. Take a few seconds to read their story. 

It was in fall 2008 at an annual fitness competition when I first saw her. She was swinging her hips with her belly dancing friends and I was ushering half-naked and oiled dudes for a bodybuilding competition. As a former personal trainer and health enthusiast, I had always had an interest in weight training and nutrition. And Sara - well, belly dancing was just her thing. It’s been pretty cool to spend the last 10 years with someone who I can describe best with one word: love. We both are very grateful to have been with our respective jobs for over 12 years. Sara is the sales and marketing manager at the Knoxville Expo Center and the Grande Event Center. I mentor at Pellissippi State College as an instructor and supervisor. 

Why Longevity? 

The people. They provide an experience that not only is therapeutic but also builds relationship. And it’s a very hands-on relationship - literally. We recognize that they care about the whole person. While massage can be healthfully beneficial, the relationships with everyone at Longevity make it all worthwhile.

The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.
— Richard Bach

Larry Hays and Eugene Law

Families come in many forms and this family consists of Larry Hays and Eugene Law. This coming August 10th will be our 45th anniversary and were married in New York Dec. 14, 2013. Speaking of families both of us feel so much a part of the Longevity family. I would like to pen a few words to say how we became a part of this incredible family of service providers who do such incredible work in massage, focusing on body, mind, and spirit. I was born in Knoxville, and Gene is from Maryville. Our lives took quite a while to meet for sure. After finishing high school I received my B.A. in Education from Carson-Newman University and Gene went on to serve in the army as a chaplain’s assistant and then on the New York to his degree from New York School of Interior Design. I taught school for a while in Lenoir City, and then on to Louisville, KY where I received my M.A. in Religious Education. After that I was on the staff of First Baptist Church Clemson, South Carolina in the area of Music and Education. This was indeed another example of family. Gene became a part of his family business at Law’s Furniture in Maryville, Tennessee. As a staff member in Clemson I took a group of our youth to Glorieta Conference Center in Glorieta, New Mexico. This was my first time to New Mexico and thought I had arrived to a place that took my breath away. It felt as if I belonged there. In Gene’s past he was a scout and had come to Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico. This was his first meeting with beloved New Mexico. Realizing that I could not continue serving in the church in Clemson as a gay man I left and became an administrator for a school for Emotionally Disturbed Adolescents in Greenville, South Carolina. This school was definitely a sense of family to the students, their parents, to myself and to our staff. These were very bright students who could not adjust to the regular schoolroom situation in Greenville, South Carolina. We had a 98% return from our students graduating from high school after working with them for a semester in our program. This was possible with excellent teacher counselors and tremendous social workers and that sense of “family” and ‘caring”.

Now, to my present family. I had come home from South Carolina for my mother’s birthday in August of 1972 where a mutual friend, who had attempted for several years to introduce Gene and I, pulled up in front of my Mother’s house and said “I have come to take to you toBmeet Gene Law, so get in the car”. I had put this off for ages! (As did Gene) But I was caught.NWe ended up meeting in Gatlinburg at Gene’s home and it was a great time being there with him. Immediately I felt this is someone with heart, caring and sincere honesty. It was love at first sight for sure. I returned to South Carolina to finish my contract with the school system and moved in with Gene in August 1973. We have been so much a part of each other for these forty-five years. What a blessing this relationship has been and represents all that a loving, and caring family could be. Gene continued his work in Maryville, and I worked for two years in the 1776 Shop in the Village in Gatlinburg dressed in a Colonial Williamsburg outfit every day. Selling was easy but the costume? It was a lot of work to get it all together! Gene and I talked many times of just visiting Santa Fe, New Mexico to see how we felt, and we visited several times. In 1975 we found a tiny adobe house on Palace Avenue to rent. We sold our house in Gatlinburg and we never went back. We lived there for thirty-eight years. We both started Charles & David Interiors (Charles being Gene’s first name and David being my middle name). The design studio was a tremendous success and we felt right at home. Eventually, I decided to do other things such as real estate but I really wanted to get another degree in Counseling. So, in 1992 at the age of 50 I received my M.A. in Counseling from Southwestern College. I was in private practice for ten years with those with AIDS, and caregivers such as family members, nurses and those who worked in this endeavor. This changed my life in so many ways serves as another great example of family that has impacted my journey. Santa Fe had several excellent massage schools and several acupuncture schools and it was there that we received massage on a regular basis. We had many of the best to choose from and helped us tremendously. As you can imagine, being in one place half of your lives we did build another sense of community and family. We had a difficult time in deciding to leave Santa Fe. My mom was ill and we both felt we needed to be back in Knoxville to her our family take care of our mother, so in March of 2011 we moved back to the Knoxville area. We were still searching for that sense of “family” and also seeking massage therapists. We are fortunate to have an incredible family origin here, as well as other friends that we continue to meet who have been so incredibly supportive. Until this point, we still had not found massage therapists, but then two special friends mentioned that we should try Longevity Massage Specialists, and they gave them rave reviews. Well, the rest is history. We found a group of incredible massage therapists who truly care about their clients, and they have two locations; Northshore and Bearden- and let me tell you, when you walk in you are greeted by wonderful people at the front desk, and an atmosphere that just wraps its arms around you in a sense of “comfort”. After being escorted to the relaxation room, you wait in the most comfortable chairs for your therapist while enjoying small cookies an blocks of chocolate and mixed nuts. ( Careful! You might eat too many!) Once your massage is finished, you can choose to experience their private steam showers, where they provide you with shampoo, conditioners, and luscious towels. You literally have just experienced being in the most fantastic massage business in Knoxville. Mary and Travis Jackson are the owners, and the visionaries, who have created this incredible place for you to relax, rejuvenate, and, and experience a sense of family as well as people who truly care. Gene and I have truly found another example of family and people who love what they are doing. We are truly blessed.